March 31, 2018

What To Do If You Find A Lost Dog

Unfortunately, almost daily a dog gets lost from home and someone else will find them. If this was your dog you would hope they knew what to do. Not only them, you too should know what to do if you find a lost dog. Keep reading and I will show you everything you need to know so you can take good care of your temporary new friend. Don’t get too attached, he too is probably missing his owners very much.

Be prepared when you find little dog being lost on the streets. It may be during a hectic time for yourself. Sometimes you are able to find the owner quickly but other times it may take days before you can finally return the puppy to his home. No matter what situation you are in, this guide will help you do the right thing.

What To Do Now That I Found A Lost Dog?

What To Do If You Find A Lost Dog or cat

The first thing to do is to establish a first contact between you and this strange dog or cat. It is a good idea to approach the animal in a calm manner talking to them with the calmest voice you have. Think about it, they are probably afraid and may have been roaming around for a while already. First thing is to check for a collar or dog tag to ensure this dog is not a stray dog, because it could have rabies and bite you. Be careful if they don’t have a collar. It may be best to call your local animal control agency to be safe.

Some dogs will be very easy, come right up to you and will be happy to find somebody caring. Others may be aggressive and scared which can make it harder to get them to calm down. 

If they are acting strange it may also be because they are injured. If so, it may be best to get them to an animal hospital or close by vet first to make sure they get the care they need. 

If the dog is aggressive it is very important to not threaten or corner the animal. It would trigger their basic instincts. You can try kneeling down to seem less dominant. But make sure you are not being too vulnerable in case the dog decide to defend himself feeling threatened. If the dog does try to attack you, make sure to keep your distance and contact your local council or the police to help with the situation.

At this point, the dog should be under control and either with you off the streets or with a local council who can help get them back home.

Finding Out Where Your New Friend Lives

What To Do If You Find A Missing Dog

The first thing to do once the dog you have just found is calm is to check their collar for multiple things. Their ID tag should include their name and in most situations a phone number on one tag and their vaccination information on another. If there is a phone number call it immediately and the problem could be solved right there. He might not be far from home. 

If the dog does not have a dog tag or any other contact information you can take them to your local animal shelter or vet to be scanned for a microchip which could lead you right to the owner.

In some situations, the animal shelter will look after the dog until the owner arrives and in other situations, the dog may need to stay with you until they are found. If your local animal shelter or animal rescue will not keep them and there was no microchip you are now in a situation of being the caretaker of the dog until you figure out who this dog belongs to.

How To Take Care Of A Lost Dog

What To Do If You Find A Lost Dog

If you find a lost pet and there is nothing to help lead them to their owners you may be in a situation where you must care for this dog until it is found. This can be worrisome for some people but it can be super simple and not require much effort. No matter what if the dog is in your care they will have both shelter and safety compared to being lost on the streets.

The easiest way to go about caring for a lost dog is to find them a spot where they won’t do much damage no matter what happens throughout the night. This can be a garage or a bathroom where any dangerous or easily broken objects are cleared out and food and water are provided. If you have dog food already then this should be ok and if you don’t there is no need to buy anything. Maybe you can ask a neighbour or friend for some help. 

It would also be nice to give this dog a cosy place to sleep which could be either a dog bed if you have one available or a towel if need be. Either way being in this situation is tons better than being lost on the streets with no one to help them out.

Now you know the basics on what to do if you find a lost dog, just make sure to check the collar and tags as this could make a big difference in finding the owner quickly. I wish you all the best.