Every dog owner would agree that Pet tags are very important for the safety of a pet. However, an international study shows, only about a third of all dog owners actually put a Custom Engraved Dog Tags on their best friends collar. It left us asking why. Although most people know ID tags are important, they don’t know all the reasons for it.

Why Pet ID Tags are Important

Imagine this!

One in three dogs will get lost during their wild days and only 10% of those without a Pet Tag, will ever return home. Every year, around 10 million pets get lost. A Dog ID tag ensures that you will see your best friend back home again.

Custom engraved Dog Tags Engraving

Equipped with the above mentioned facts, it is a no brainer to make sure your best friend is safe at all times. Whether your dog runs away during an unexpected event, or simply whilst exploring the world during their wild days. A Pet Tag is extremely important to make sure the people finding your pet can read the ID tag and contact you immediately.

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