A dog might wear several different tags. Although called differently, they all serve the same purpose. Keep your loved one save with a so called Dog Tag on your best friends collar.



dog tagpet ID tag, or pet tag is a small flat tag worn on a dog’s collar. Often it has engraved the name and also other personal information to identify the owner.



Many, humane societies and also rescue organisations strongly recommend that dogs and cats wear these tags, which present that the wearer is not a stray, and contain information to enable someone encountering a lost pet to contact the owner. Often, dog owners are required by law to ensure that their dog is wearing an ID tag on their collar..



Tags may make noise as animals move. A collar-mount tag, either slide-on or riveted-on flat to a collar’s surface, is silent. A tag silencer encloses loose tags in a small neoprene pouch or a soft rubbery plastic ring around the edge of a tag and may reduce noise. However, knowing when your dog comes to you or even approaches a stranger for help can avoid stressful or even fearful situations.



The resemblance of human identification tags to this method of display led to military identification tags being called dog tags.