Name Tags for your dog serve both a practical and ornamental purpose.



They’re basic for maintaining safety of our cherished pups when out and about, and they’re also an opportunity to make them look more stylish..



Pet name tags help give protection to your pet – and show off some of their owner s personality.



Who does not need to put their burly pet bulldog in a beefy leather-based studded collar to sing their own praises their challenging-man reputation, or supply their little chihuahua a feminine bone pet tag with a touch of glitz?



Celebrities turned pet name tags into a standing symbol: manufacturers like Red Dingo create name tags manufactured from stainless steel metals.



There’s a pet tag to suit each pup – and owner on our website



Nowadays, a dog tag can do greater than just assist determine your dog because of a metallic tag together with your details and phone number. Some Colourful collars encompass constructed-in trackers for live GPS area monitoring, so you recognise the place your valuable pup is continuously.



While a pretty pet name tags are enjoyable to buy, measurement and fit must be ensured, aka your dog s comfort.



You can buy your set of collar and tag, or simply buy a tag and attache it to any dog collar you like or already possess.