Engraved Dog Tags by RedDingo are the high quality option for your Dog ID tags.

When it comes to ordering a pet id name tag for your furry friend, there should really be no question about whether to go Red Dingo or not. Our partner manufacturer RedDingo – Pet Adventure has been designing dog tags for many years now.

When it comes to the safety of your beloved friend, there is really no limits what we would do. Unfortunately, people do not think about the quality of their engraved dog tags, until their little explorer shoots off and runs away. Without even knowing it, often cheaper dog id tags can get washed out, the text can become unreadable and a stranger will not be able to read the phone number on the tag. All this happens unwillingly, and afterwards there is no way to justify the savings on that so important safety feature.

Even in military, everybody knows that a good dog tag is crucial to ensure the safety of each member of a troop. Let us learn those lessons and make sure that never every anything happens to our furry friend. But if the worst case scenario may occur, at least we know your pub can be identified and returned easily, where ever he might be.

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