Sometimes I hear people talking about a Pet ID and how important it is to have one in Australia. It made me think whether I had missed to register my companion and get him his ID card.

However, most commonly people are referring to a pet id TAG, when they are talking about the above. Such tag simply bears the name and phone numbers of your puppy and yourself. That way, if your little one escapes in pure sense of adventure-ship, you won’t have to wait for very long before somebody gives you a call to return your little one.

Especially when you get your first dog and the bond between yourself and your furry friend is still very young; having your pet run away is more common than most people think. Sometimes you just need to get distracted or a bit unlucky and your new friend is on its way. Unfortunately, they often don’t know the dangers of the outside world, nor do they know their way home.

That is the reason why every dog owner should get a PET ID TAG to put around a dog’s collars. There are many simple and cheap tags, or fancier and more exclusive ones. In any case, have a browser on our web shop and pick your favourite design now